Track Co-Chairs

John Qi Dong
Associate Professor
University of Groningen, The Netherlands




Rohit Nishant
Associate Professor
University of Laval



Brief Introduction

Big data are increasingly driving decision making in contemporary firms, attracting much scholarly and industrial attention over the past few years. To build competitive advantage based on big data, firms are utilizing various kinds of analytics, from business intelligence embedded in database management to social media analytics and mobile analytics. Big data analytics allow firms to better understand and interact with their customers, and to develop product, service or process innovation that is the most desirable in the marketplace. As a result, big data analytics offer tremendous opportunities and challenges to firms. This track calls for qualitative, quantitative, and design science papers addressing the strategies, methods, and tools related to big data analytics. Topics include but are not limited to the following:


1. Big data analytics capability
2. Business value of big data analytics
3. Data mining and analytical methods
4. Social media analytics
5. Mobile analytics and omnichannel business
6. Big data and artificial intelligence
7. Big data and blockchain
8. Big data and robotics
9. Internet of things and cloud computing
10. Dark side of big data