Track Co-Chairs

Jiaqi Yan
Associate Professor
Nanjing University, China



Zhiyong Liu
Associate Professor
Dalian University of Technology, China




Brief Introduction

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology, which is rebuilding our business and society. It has the potential to create value in broader domains, far beyond cryptocurrencies and digital money. Innovative applications of Blockchain are emerging from various industries. Blockchain provides secure, transparent, and democratic mechanisms to facilitate networked business. Unequivocal and undisputable data records in Blockchain are disrupting our understandings of trusted business models. The decentralized and distributed computing architecture underlying Blockchain is reshaping traditional paradigms of organization management, governance and decision making.

We are looking forward to visions and insights on the value and potentials of Blockchain, and ideas and studies which broaden our understandings of the impact of the technology. Innovative business models, applications and cases facilitated by Blockchain will be of great interests. Articles can apply any formal theoretical framework and methodology, not limit to design science, behavioral science, economical modeling, case study et al. Both theoretical and empirical works are welcome.



1. Technical Issues of Blockchain
2. Theories and Approaches of Blockchain
3. Revolution of Blockchain on Trust-related Issues
4. Distributed and Decentralized Management, Decision Making, Organization and Governance
5. Blockchain-enabled New Business Models
6. Applications and Cases of Blockchain
7. Blockchain-based Data Management
8. Cryptocurrencies and Digital Money
9. Privacy, Security and Environmental Sustainability.