Track Co-Chairs

Zhongyun (Phil) Zhou
Associate Professor
School of Economics and Management, Tongji University, China





Xiao-Liang Shen
Economics and Management School, Wuhan University, China





Yongqiang Sun
School of Information Management, Wuhan University, China





Xiao-Ling Jin
Associate Professor
School of Management, Shanghai University, China





Brief Introduction

This track welcomes high-quality research focusing on the emerging issues in electronic business across various application domains (e.g., healthcare, education, finance, etc.). With the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies and business model innovations, e-business has been a rapidly evolving and constantly changing field. The track aims to attract theoretical and empirical papers promoting academic and practical understanding of these emerging and unfolding phenomena. All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Criteria for evaluation include the importance and relevance of research question(s), significance of theoretical contribution, and rigor of research design.

Despite its focus on behavioral research (methodologically), this track is open to multiple disciplines (e.g., marketing, strategy, operations management, etc.), contexts, and levels. Especially, we welcome empirical research using mixed methods properly. Listed below are some (but not all) research topics that fit well with this track.


1. Usage and impacts of cutting-edge technologies (such as big data, cloud computing, VR/AR/MR, FinTech, Blockchain, AI, face recognition, immersive systems, etc.) in e-Business
2. Novel business models (such as sharing economy, social commerce, crowdsourcing, etc.) in e-Business enabled by IT
3. Impact and value of e-Business on our society’s grand challenges (such as energy or food security, environmental change, health and well-being, poverty, etc.)
4. Conducting e-Business research in a novel and interesting way, either from theoretical or methodological perspectives
5. Other emerging issues in e-Business (e.g., ubiquitous commerce, smart commerce, dark side of e-commerce, etc.)