Track Co-Chairs

Hefu Liu
University of Science and Technology of China, China




Zhao Cai
Assistant Professor
University of Nottingham Ningbo, China




Meng Chen
Assistant Professor
Soochow University




Brief Introduction

The development of modern information systems, such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, social media, and blockchain, has transformed and even disrupted firms’ operations activities. These modern information systems advance data collection and processing and have tremendous potential to provide IS-based operations management solutions for operational strategy decision-making, business process design, organizational capability building, product/service development, and sustainable supply chain management. As a result, firms have great interests in the application of modern information systems in their business.
In spite of the practical relevance, we still need a comprehensive understanding of the impact of these modern information systems on operations management. Specifically, the fast development of modern information systems, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, has led the IS-based management mechanisms that work in the past ineffective and even obsolescent today. Therefore, we need to advance the understanding of how modern information systems facilitate business operations. More research is needed to explore the mechanisms through which modern information systems improve firms’ operations management activities.
The track is intended for research on the impact of modern information systems on operations management. We welcome rigorous and relevant studies employing mixed methods addressing the role of modern IS for operations management at the process, firm and supply chain levels.


1. Influence of IS on Operational Strategies
2. Data-driven Supply Chain Management
3. Big Data and Analytics for Operations Mangement
4. Blockchain for Operations Mangement
5. Artificial Intelligence for Operations Mangement
6. IS-enabled Service Operations and Servitization
7. IS-enabled Production Design and Management
8. IS-enabled Product Development
9. IS-enabled Green/Sustainable Supply Chain
10. IS Security in OM