Track Co-Chairs

Shangui Hu
Anhui University of Technology, China




Jinnan Wu
Vice Dean
Anhui University of Technology, China




Brief Introduction

E-commerce is always conducted in specific environments, wherein cross-cultural environment has obtained more scholarly attention. Research has demonstrated cross-cultural environment is marked with cultural dissimilarities and uncertainties and cross-cultural e-commerce is influenced by individual’s personal characteristics and environmental factors. Departing from the dominant paradigm of e-commerce studies, more research clarifying the mechanism through which e-commerce shopping behaviors and performances is of significance in light of successful e-commerce being integrated with more cultural factors and psychological changes. And this track is to meet the calls of considering more social, environmental and personal attributes to have better understanding about how cross-cultural environment influencing global e-commerce conducts.


1. Individual attributes and cross-cultural e-commerce shopping behaviors;
2. Information technology and cross-cultural e-commerce;
3. Cultural differences and shopping behaviors in cross-cultural environment;
4. Environmental influence on e-commerce shopping intention;
5. Cross-cultural capability and e-commerce shopping behaviors;
6. Dark sides of information technology effects on e-commerce;
7. Antecedents of cross-border e-commerce